10.900,00 rsd


Model: EBC 1220 – Smart Battery Charger

Input voltage range: 190-265V AC – 50HZ

Bulk/Absorption charging: 14.2V/14.6/14.8V DC selectable (12V),

Float charging: 13.2V/ 13.5/13.8V DC selectable (12V),

Max. DC Output curent: 10A,5A, 20A, 10A
Output voltage: 12V, 24V, 12V, 24V

Suggest battery capacity: 15-100Ah, 25-200Ah

Outoput ripple: <50mA at full load

Max. efficiency: 88%

Load regulation: 1.5% at output current, no load to full load

Optimum ambient temperature: 0-40C

Isolated DC output: 2

Ventilation: Cooling fan, by thermal and current controlled

Dimensions (mm) – 176x175x95 (LxWxH)


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